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6 thoughts on “Contact Jeff”

  1. Hey Dad,

    I know that you’ve fallen victim to the tough times, but I believe in you. I am confident that with your experience and dedication that you will emerge through this crisis stronger than you were before. I know that you are extremely dedicated to your work and so what has happened must be a very big setback, but you are so good at what you do that it would’ve never taken place had the situation not come up. I love you very much and I can say that the whole family is behind you. If you hang on you’ll pull through. Everyone believes in you. Wonderful resume by the way 🙂

    All my love,


  2. Hey Dad,

    Got your letter, appreciate it very much 🙂 Things have been low lately, but we shall overcome lol. Though, I have been very inspired by the goings on in Iran, I assume you have heard about this, any thoughts? I’d love to take a call from you, feel free to call any time, I feel it more efficient than email and texting. I’ve heard that you may be having some heart troubles. Is this true? If it is I wish you the best with all my being. (lol I avoided saying heart there) Well I just wanted to get in contact with you, hope to hear from you soon. I have recently been interested in the struggle with the Irish (surprisingly not with mom’s influence lol) and do indeed feel a revived sense of purpose, so that is encouraging. I hope you are doing well and give you all my love. 🙂



  3. Hey Dad,

    Wanted to tell you about this fascinating documentary that I saw. I can’t give you a direct link because right now it isn’t working, but if you type “Are We Real” into and click on the 48 minute documentary(not the violin player lol) you should get it. If it works, watch it and call me to tell me what you think.


    ps- LiveStation is incredibly interesting I’m surprised I didn’t know of it before. Thanks for the hookup!

  4. Technology continues to impact people’s lives. How do you help people transition, stay current, and best leverage the most benefits possible? Thanks – George Williams

  5. Jeff — did you live in Madrid in the late 1970’s? If so, hopefully you’ll recognize my name — Mary Ann Ehlers. A group of our friends from Mangold have been reconnecting and your name came up — if you are the right one! Please respond when you get a chance, whether or not you are ‘our’ Jeff Bundy. Thanks!

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